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Barbara Gordon debuts stunning Batgirl New costume

Batgirl is getting a brand new costume ahead of DC Comics ’upcoming Fear State event and it’s a great look for Barbara Gordon.

Barbara Gordon is getting a brand new Batgirl suit ahead of DC Comics next Fear of the State events spanning the Bat-Family related books. On Thursday, the new fan-favorite character costume designed by Bruno Redondo was revealed and it’s one of Gordon’s best looks to date, as the details and care that went into the design are obvious.

Later this year, DC Comics will launch next Fear of the State crossover, which is set to bridge the gap between the current continuity and the delay seen in the dark, mayor-led And the Future event. In the crossover event, the scarecrow will send Gotham “straight to hell” by making a pair-controlled Gotham City. Fear of the State takes place on several Bat-Family books, including I’m Batman (starring Jace Fox), Katwonan, Harley Quinn, five issues in the main Batman title, and a new book entitled Fearstate: Alpha. The event will be presented The Anti-Oracle, a mysterious figure who hacks Barbara’s Oracle system and spreads bad news throughout Gotham. The character is set first Nightwing # 84.

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Artist Bruno Redondo has revealed the new Batgirl costume that will first appear in his Nightwing series with Tom Taylor, Adriano Lucas, and Wes Abbott. The new purple suit features a black cape and a yellow interior. Barbara sports a black condom, boots, and bag, while a yellow stick symbol featured on her chest. Redondo’s notes really detail how much thought went into the drawing. Gordon, who was already paralyzed after being shot by the Joker, there will be a reinforced structure connected to its cape to put less stress on its spine.

Batgirl DC Comics

Other cool features include white eyes, similar to Nightwing and Batman, as well as his cape made of a smart fabric that comes in wings with an electric charge, much like Batman’s Cape in Christopher Nolan’s Black Knight trilogy. Redondo notes readers will still be able to see Gordon’s freckles under his mask and that he wears black lipstick and blue reflections as part of his disguise. The new mask allows Batgirl to hide her identity better as costumes before being almost too revealing. The look is almost like a more mature take on her iconic Burnside costume. Redondo released a preview for the next one Fear of the State arc showing the costume in action.

Redondo has crafted an incredible look for Barbara as the new costume incorporates the best features from her previous looks – as well as the best parts of Batman – while being a totally unique concept herself. If DC Comics is going to hold Barbara Gordon in the role Batgirl for the foreseeable future, she needed a costume that matches enthusiasm for the character and now she has one.

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