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Conor McGregor broke his ankle in ch 264

Conor McGregor broke his ankle against Dustin Poirier ch 264. The long-awaited trilogy in which both fighters did everything they could to determine who was the best man. Last time out, McGregor became an instant meme because of that wild knockout and laid him on the floor. This time the story is the terrible accident he sustained early in the battle. Things were interesting to begin with, but things quickly faded for the favorite house. The Diamond spread confidence during the press and all press conferences prior to this meeting of the Octagon. Some believe shaming everyone like a punitive defeat would breathe new life into the notorious, but Poirier had nothing of that. UFC athletes are stubbornly stricken by their intense training regimes and the fierce environment where everyone jokes for their chances of a title and a higher payout. Now Poirier will be a force to be reckoned with and as the world knows his name as the man who … puts down the bright light of the sport twice. And for Conor, the long road to rehabilitation begins.

The diamond has spoken to ESPN about how it has changed since that decisive encounter in 2014 and what it has hoped for on its way to UFC 264.

“For me, smooth sailing, man,” Poirier began. “I felt like I saw a man who wasn’t sure of himself, scared, trying to whip himself up. I felt good. … I feel like he has to work his way up to be The man, and I am the man. I don’t need to. I know if he came close enough he would see it – and that’s about it. I know who I am.

He continued: “I knew he was going crazy. But to see him in real life, I just felt good because he has this little man, not the man he used to be, I feel – at least in my eyes. “

Before the fight, in a conversation with Stephen A. Smith, McGregor definitely sounded like the same confident fighter he always was.

“Ch needs me forever. I am forever. I am forever,” he argued. “My performances are forever, my knockouts are forever, my run is forever, my two-division dominance is forever, and what is coming will be forever more.”

What did you think of UFC 264 tonight? Let us know in the comments!

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