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Eric Adams Says National Democrat Priority ‘on Weapons Law’ Moves’

Adams officially won the Democratic mayoral nomination last week when the city’s first election results were released. He ran as a moderator with a centrist message focused on public safety, police reform, and reversing a wave of crime in New York City.

He stressed on Sunday that Democrats should focus more on the arms trade, “just as we have become accustomed to seeing mass assault rifles in the suburbs of our country.”

“The number of people killed in the astronomical guns. But if we don’t have real federal legislation tailored to states and cities, we will never get this crisis under control,” he said.

Adams praised President Joe Biden’s increased focus on the rise in gun crime in recent weeks, with the president announcing on June 23 that the Justice Department has launched five arms smuggling forces in cities across the country. Last week, on a trip to Illinois, Biden spoke about the ‘fight against gun violence’ after a deadly fourth weekend in July in Chicago, where 104 people were shot and 19 killed.

The Biden administration is: struggling with an increase in violent crime in major cities this year, with weapons that cause much of that spike in violence.

“I believe that for the first time we will see a coordinated effort between the President, the Governor and the Mayor to go after the guns are shed in our city, which is very important. But how do we deal with the intervention aspects of it? “Adams said what New Yorkers can expect if he is elected mayor.

But when asked what he would propose in terms of national gun reform, Adams did not approve a comprehensive ban on guns, but instead proposed a crackdown on gun dealers and lax gun laws in states across the country.

“Let’s look at these particular gun dealers where there’s a real correlation with connections to the guns that are used on our streets, that is – those states with lax gun laws, where you can walk into a gun shop with a license and go back to it. “can walk out with the gun,” he said. “Let’s look at all the feeders in how guns make their way to our city.”

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