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Father and sister author ‘Bridgerton’ died in Utah accident

KAYSVILLE, Utah (KTVX) – The author behind ‘Bridgerton’, now a popular Netflix series, says his father and sister died in an accident in northern Utah.

On June 30, the Utah Highway Patrol responded to a wreck chain reaction in Kaysville, about 20 miles north of Salt Lake City, as vehicles attempted to avoid a cargo of canvas bags lost by a catering company along I-15.

According to UHP, two cars stopped, or nearly stopped, in front of the debris. A Ford F-250 failed to stand in front of stopped traffic and collided with a California Prius Toyota. The Prius then hit a Chevy Malibu.

Two occupants of the Prius died on the spot, another was transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital. The Malibu occupant was transported to the ground in serious condition, according to UHP.

The driver of the van was arrested for a DUI.

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UHP has identified the victims as 77-year-old Stephen Cotler from California and 37-year-old Ariana Cotler – also known by her pseudonym Violet Charles – from North Salt Lake.

Julia Quinn, author of “Bridgerton,” posted on Facebook on Wednesday, saying, “I lost my father and sister.”[0]= AZWXCHqTzq97koyqHeWUFdQguCn9CKBkt8OawMbotf5_pIiK6CyDqOZmRd4i85glcBkhCjcDEuB9OGZ3yxqKrmJkaaZFTpy_I4Q8Qh6Ln3Wa2uVFXqemWJltoyvakY3eaAm2Q6mXX-Hu0hVjnYSG5UjkrjHneiAClGe_ASL9uxPFKQ & tn = 2CO %% 2CP-R

A message on Stephen Cotler’s Facebook page says Michelle service dog Charles also died in the crash.

Quinn continued. “I’ve lost my father and I don’t have my sister in mourning.” “I lost my sister Violet Charles, with whom I had just finished writing a graphic novel. It was dedicated to our father. It will always be dedicated to our father. It won’t be a surprise anymore, but I’d like to think he suspects we would. He knew us so well. He was our father. “

It is not yet known whether the suspected driver was arrested for a DUI.

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