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Loki’s poster encourages fans not to spoil episode 4 for others

Marvel released a new Loki poster, begging viewers to protect the sacred timeline by spoiling the episode 4 event for other audiences.

SPOILERS for Loki Episode 4

A new one Loki posters encourage viewers not to spoil episode 4 for others. Marvel + Disney’s latest series has already passed the halfway point, with “Link Events” debuting earlier this week. As Loki gears up for the homestretch, the episode that contains several major moments and revelations that not only impact where the show goes from here, but could also have ramifications on the entire Cinemas universe. The “link event” was the same the first Loki Episode with a mid-credit scene, set the stage for an exciting end to the season.

Marvel is the biggest franchise in pop culture right now, so there’s always great interest in seeing the latest releases. Audiences are eager to keep on the shows and movies, but obviously not everyone can watch the Marvel project on the same schedule. This may make it difficult for some viewers to avoid spoilers before they get a chance to watch, but Marvel is trying to do their part to ensure that nothing is lost ahead of time.

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The official Loki Twitter account shared a new poster, featuring the Time-Keepers and TVA’s mascot, Miss Minutes. It includes a warning not to ruin the sacred timeline, with Twitter posts stating, “There are no spoilers on the sacred timeline.” Check it out in the space below:

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As well as Marvel’s intended message is, the timing of it is amusing. The “Link Event” has already been released, and viewers have long discussed such twists the true nature of the Time-keeper and other Loki variants are seen in the stinger. Marvel might best serve to share this poster either ahead of the “link event” premiere or on the day it is revealed. From now on, the last Loki spoilers are out in the open, with many looking ahead to what comes next. Of course, the poster’s comic warning may also apply to the next 5 and 6 episodes, so maybe Marvel is trying to get ahead of spoilers spreading before the last two installments. There is a lot left for Loki wrapped up, so the next two weeks should have a lot of great moments too.

It will be interesting to see how Marvel handles integration Loki Episode 4 spoilers of official marketing materials. The studio’s strategy seems to be giving viewers the weekend to catch up, before promoting the next episode. For example, Sylvie’s first character poster did not release until a few days after Sophia Di Martino’s debut, with a one-sheet highlight Loki a “love is a dagger” line out after the premiere of episode 3. Based on that, Loki episode 4 spoilers could be used in article 5 article marketing early next week. Marvel obviously wants everyone to enjoy their shows and movies without worrying about spoilers, but even they can’t wait too long before moving on.

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