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Netflix just added a great 90s thriller

Netflix has the hook when it comes to mysteries, thrillers, and suspense stories. That reputation continued during the service brought back one of the best thrillers of the 90s on the July 1 film in question is The game, a 1997 film directed by David Fincher. Michael Douglas and Sean Penn star in the curvy feature.

Without giving too much away, Douglas ’character is pulled into a game twisted by a mysterious company that promises a life-changing experience. However, instead of some sort of simple quest to follow or a mild mystery to solve, our protagonist has to deal with situations that put his life and loved ones in danger.

While Douglas and Penn are often terrible for any film, Fincher’s involvement will be the main focus for film enthusiasts. The game is Fincher’s third film, its sequel to 1997’s seven iconic thrillers. While he has a sizable legion of fans, he is sometimes glossed over when discussing the director’s filmography in favor of such works. Zodiac, you go and The social network.

Fincher’s work is prominent in Netflix’s catalog, and the service is currently hosting The social network, The girl with the dragon tattoo and lame, a Netflix Original. He’s also home to Fincher’s TV project, as he has always been involved beendirectly with mindhunter, House of cards and Love, death and robot robots. So if any of these projects appeal to you, The game worth adding to your watch list.

Other titles that Netflix added on July 1 are: Air Force One, la Austin Power trilogy, Boogie night, Dennis the threat, la karate kid trilogy, Kung Fu Panda (and the end), Love Actually, Memory of a Geisha, Run Midnight, Oh! Combat (1995), No Obligation, Not Another Teen Movie, Spanglish, Star Trek, The Stuart Little Strangers, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Terminator 2: Judgment Day and three dead movies. Ahead For a full list of titles coming to Netflix in July, click here.

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