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Pokémon GO Fest 2021 will feature mix of in person & virtual events

Pokémon GO Fest 2021 is headed to cities around the United States and Europe, but it will also be available as a paid digital event for everyone to enjoy.

It’s just a couple of weeks before Pokemon ALE Land Fest in cities around the world, transferring the event from an all-digital 2020 affair to a mix of in-person outings and celebrations that players can enjoy at home. This change happened because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but already being a highlight in whatever city it landed in since the start of the game. That the year Pokemon ALE Fest could be even bigger than before, as it also celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise as a whole.

In 2020, traditionally the free Pokemon ALE Fest became a paid ticket event that players could enjoy during a weekend at their own home. It includes challenges to complete and rare Pokemon catch, and enough fans to get the ticket worth it pony up the cash. The event was the biggest opportunity to make money for developer Niantic since Pokemon ALE launch in 2016, which probably contributed to why they’re going forward with a hybrid model that allows everyone to participate even if they’re not present at the physical events this time around.

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Residents of more than twenty cities across Europe, the United States, and New Zealand will not have to worry about digital tickets, as they will be able to attend a physical Pokemon ALE Fest events. Niantic has revealed the full list of locations on their website, and it is reproduced below. In the U.S., it covers major metropolitan areas such as New York, Seattle, and Austin among others. The massive location list is meant to stop fans from traveling too far outside the cities, as Niantic is constantly trying to keep things safe for all of its players. Anyone wishing to attend the event needs to preregister on Niantic’s official website, as spots are also limited.

Pokemon GO Fest 2021

Players who cannot attend the event in person will be happy to know that the cost for the digital experience has been reduced when compared to last year. Along with a new sponsorship by Google Play, players only need to spend $ 5 on a ticket to play all weekend. Of course, it goes without saying that the digital ticket won’t get people to the physical event, and the special Pokemon will be available in both versions of the festival.

As the world continues to slowly get back to some version of normal, events such as Pokemon ALE Fests are great to see. Though it’s a limited event when compared to most years, those ready to venture out of doors can enjoy the feeling of a crowd again as they hunt down bright creatures and take in the majesty of the great outdoors. With PAX West also confirming their return later this year, fans of various conventions might be booking travel just like in the pre-pandemic era before they knew it.

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Pokemon Go available now on iOS and Android.

Source: Pokemon ALE

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