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‘Summer of Souls’ $ 2M Eye, ‘Loneliest Whale’ Debuts, Sparks at Cannes – Deadline

questlove a Summer of the soul (… Or when the revolution could not be televised) will reach a cumulative $ 1.4 million rising to an estimated $ 1.47 million Monday and a second gross week of $ 375,000 in 752 theaters. Frank Rodriquez, Searchlight Pictures ’distribution director said that the best documentary to date this year“ could potentially reach $ 2 million.

In a strange transition year Covid where recently major studio releases began to stack with many of the day-to-date products – including Summer of the soul, on Hulu – or close to, the other major documents to date are Sundance Darling Sparks Brothers (Focus Features) for about $ 650,000 and Rita Moreno: The girl who just decided to go for it (Attractions along the way). Both are open on June 18th. Roads have not reported any estimates today and will do so Monday afternoon. The latest peak is $ 243,851 in North America, but that doesn’t count this weekend.

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True Crime Maven Joshua Zeman Takes an Ocean Detour in ‘The Lonely Whale’, ‘Summer of Souls’ Over $ 1 Million – Special Preview

Sparks Brothers by Edgar Wright (Shaun the dead, baby driver, next Last night in Soho) is Ron and Russell Mael – better known as Sparks, a largely influential but neglected art-pop duo for over 50 years. They just fly in the public eye at Cannes. The opening film of the party Annette, starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard, adapted by Leos Karaks from an album idea by the brothers into a feature musical film.

Sparks Brothers
Focus function

sparks doc was here in 20 theaters. Focus said the brothers were located all over the Croisette at Cannes this week – about their … Annette premiere, at the Water stagnant dinner, increasing their advertising while the documentary is in theaters.

Back to SoulRodriquez said an overall drop of 40% over the previous weekend, but noted that some arthouses saw a deeper drop, of 20% or less, and the production of some others even went up. “It’s a busy time, a busy market and we have to do our best to keep on top theater,” he said. That should be where the essential art houses are. Urban and mainstream multiplex tones have so far been disappointing for some reason.

Featuring never-before-seen footage of live performances at a historic 1969 Black Music festival in Harlem (the same year as Woodstock), the film was directed by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson and produced by David Dinerstein, Robert Fryvolent and Joseph Patelin Association and Searchlight Pictures, Hulu and Onyx.

Meanwhile, The Solitaire Whale: The Quest for 52 debuted at an estimated $ 41,368 on 75 weekend opening screens, said Bleecker Street, distributor of Joshua Zeman’s documentary on a whale that scientists say has spent his entire life in solitary calling at a frequency unlike any other species. The Hertz 52 has been an icon for decades. Zeman, known for its true crime rate (Sam’s Sons: Descendants of Darkness, Cropsey) was so captivated by science writer Andy Revin in the 2004 New York Times article “The Song of Loneliness” that he launched a Kickstarter campaign, attracted a number of prominent supporters (Leonardo DiCaprio, Adrian Grenier), and took to the high seas with a crew and supply of a ten-year film in the making.

Thanks to Bleecker Street

It’s a unique project and the stats for each theater probably won’t bring joy to the distributor. Don’t people love sea movies in the heat of summer – and such a hot one?

“We’re glad that the theaters are open again so people were lucky enough to see the glory Search for 52 on the big screen. We will continue to expand in the coming weeks to give movie lovers and whales the chance to see it, “said a Bleecker Street representative. Ten more theaters will be added in the next two weeks.

The self-contained space / doc could heat up next weekend and the very highly anticipated first Roadrunner: A film about Anthony Bourdain from Focus.

Another place in arthouse, Sony Pictures Classics bring you with me earned an estimated $ 31,733 on 57 screens for an average screen per 557 with a cume of $ 93,522. The cast said: 12 mighty beasts, will reach $ 145,497 on 185 screens in week five (last week it was 338), for an average screen per 786 with a peak of more than $ 3.17 million.

Ellen Burstyn starred bee queen of Gravitas Ventures rounded out weekend five with $ 1.672 million. That includes an estimated $ 69,853 this weekend at 163 theaters.

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