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The Recology Portal To register for your ‘Mohammed Nuru Refund’ is now open

That $ 100 million in settlement of alleged over-charge errors is now going out to Recology customers on an online portal, though the company claims they will send you a check if you don’t do anything before July 30th.

One of the brightest places in there Mohammed Nuru Public Works scandal – and the result payroll under federal table against official Recology – was early March news that SF Recology customers should be reimbursed for rate increases which may have been misapproved by Nuru. City Attorney Dennis Herrera a $ 100 million settlement contract, which was approved by the Board of Supervisors in May, included a $ 7 million payment to the city, and set aside $ 94.5 million for anyone who would be an SF Recology customer between July 1, 2017, and March 31, 2021. Payments to individual customers will be reported average $ 190 each.

So when are we going to get that money? You can apply for it now, even if you don’t make it by the July 30 deadline, Recology claims “a check will be mailed to the address listed on your Recology account.”

Image: rcology

There is now an ad on there Recology San Francisco home page, see above, which says “Consistent with our announcement earlier this year regarding the 2017 rate application, you may have received an email or postcard notifying you that you qualify for a payment. If you have questions about notifications this, please contact Recology’s payment administrator, EPIQ, at 1-855-654-0939 or visit “


Well, let’s visit It’s a legitimate, Recology-affiliated website, and says that “You should have received an email or postcard with instructions for payment options.” (Check your spam folder, as some users say the email went to their spam.) The system only works if you received that email or postcard, such as those with a “unique ID and PIN” required to open the session and claim your discount. .

Logic would dictate that Recology would simply lower your bill, or maybe just send discount checks to the mail. They say they are constantly. According to Reply rkul FAQ, “If you have not selected a payment option by July 30, 2021, a check will be mailed to the address listed on your Recology account.”


So you might just wait for that check to arrive in August — ish, but there are some advantages to using the online portal. You can request the money via PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle, and presumably you will receive your payment faster. By banking on it being $ 190, that is just the average reported, and likely to involve many factors in its calculation.

If you did not receive an email or postcard notice but think you are eligible, there is Recology Payment Administrator contact information in the FAQs.

We shorthand this as “Mohammed Nuru refund,” though we should note that the claims about Recology execs and the transactions with Nuru are all still alleged (though it is the FBI making the defendant here). In November, the FBI charged Recology community relations manager Paul Giusti with channeled $ 1 million into alleged Nuru bribes. Former Recology VP John Francis Porter was charged with bribery and money laundering for a $ 20,000 Nuru payment to the discredited now Lefty O’Doul’s Foundation for Children. Nuru, Guisti, and Porter all have federal court dates to appear. But Porter charges says the alleged bribes were OK’d “with the approval of Porter or Porter’s immediate predecessor,” so more Recology names could come up in future allegations.

Recology has already sought to clarify that the revelation about overpayment by customers for waste services was made by Recology, inside, and was volunteered by this City Attorney – though the whole sequence of events is unclear, and this was all happening passing through this federal probe. The company was understood to seek to distance itself from this scandal, and characterized this rate-payment error as an office error, which, perhaps, it was.

“We appreciate our customers, and making them whole for this mistake is our highest priority,” Recology CEO Sal Coniglio said in an earlier statement. “As soon as we learned of the mistake, we took immediate action. We are grateful to the City Attorney for helping us reach a resolution that benefits our San Francisco clients.”

Related: SF Supervisor Votes On Reconciliation Policy that comes with $ 190 refund for garbage customers [SFist]

Image: @MrCleanSF via Twitter

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